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22 Watts Mini Subwoofer Circuit TDA1516 with Adjustable Frequency

The subwoofer is a subwoofer or a speaker to reproduce low frequencies, devotee of 20 Hz to 150 Hz electronic circuit diagram below shows the details of a scheme of the main amplifier TDA1516 22 watt in 4 ohm car subwoofer driver. This device is designed for an existing stereo amplifier, often requires adding another blow to the music of driving a subwoofer.

The amplifier uses BTL is a good and cheap ((Bridge Tied Load channels) 13-pin IC TDA1516 from Philips is now NXP Semiconductors), which may provide a small number of components and 22W at 4 ohm load voltage 12 volt car battery default.

The device consists of several parts: the name of the potentiometer, dual-linear motion potentiometers, 1/4W resistors, capacitors, electrolytic 25V, 63V Polyester capacitors, LED, 100 mA NPN transistor, dual BIFET Op-Amp, 24 W BTL car radio RCA audio input amplifier and two speakers 4 ohm or 8 ohm woofers in isobaric parallel wiring.

DIY 12 volt car project Subwoofer frequency low-pass filter circuit and BTL Amplifier TDA1516

The signals from the line outputs for stereo mixing amplifier input drive, and taking into account the level of the signal to the buffer and can be reversed IC1A phase SW1. Such control may be useful to the subwoofer in phase with the speaker of the existing car radio.

Then, a variable frequency 12dB/octave-pass low IC1B, the components of the Q1 and then you can pass the low frequency of 70 Hz or 150 Q2, R17 and C9 form a voltage stabilizer to facilitate access and filtering circuit to prevent track of the services given power at a low level positive.

LPF subwoofer and amplifier parts list:


R1, R4-1K
R2, R3, R5, R6-10K
R7, R8-100K
R9, R10, R13-47K
R11, R12-15K
R14, R15, R17-47K
R16 6K8

C1, C2, C3, C6-4μ7 25V
C4, C5-68NF 63V
C7 33nF 63V
C8, C9 220μF 25V
C10 470nF 63V
C11 100nF 63V
C12 2200uF 25V

D1 LED Lamp

Q1, Q2 BC547

IC1-TL072 Op-Amp
IC2-TDA1516BQ Car Amplifier 24 Watt BTL

SW1-Toggle SPDT
SW2-Toggle SPDT

RCA Jack
J1, J2 RCA Audio Input

SubWoofer Drive Unit
4-ohm woofer driver or two 8 ohm woofers connected to Isobaric


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