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An easy adjustment of the Power Amplifier

An easy adjustment of the Power Amplifier

A good amplifier circuit, can finally be good results (sources, the first speaker assured), are often subject to many factors. First, each of the components manufacturer and its model has its own personality and characteristics of the second is active devices have the most suitable working environment and scope. The feasibility of various components of the personality and characteristics of the system to play a good, well tuned, it is undoubtedly have to pay the price and effort. 

BG150 to the famous author modelled on the amplifier, with some of their own experience, this has been produced by Taiwan's Yun-and discrete components of the A-amplifier, was very pleased with the results. 

Figure the main amplifier, a hybrid amplifier is mainly for the following aspects to consider:
  1. Yun-model many distinct personality, personal may be the sound of their own hobbies and financial capacity to choose, school sound effect immediately. 
  2. amplifier is relatively simple, both to reduce the trouble of matching the tubes, reducing the workload of the debugging. 
  3. circuit stability, especially for heat A great work of the state machinery, more reliability is assured. 
  4. Yun-use asymmetric internal characteristics of the circuit (the vast majority of the case), is expected even more rich, harmonic, please the ear. 
Below the principle of a simple circuit analysis. IC1 as a single operational amplifier, the input signal for a certain amount of zoom. BG1、BG1, BG2 to enlarge voltage level. BG3 temperature compensation from the role. BG4, BG5 for the current promotion of the main amplifier for the current and provide the necessary dynamic to reduce the input impedance of the amplifier, the reduction in the Cis-MOSFET on the high-frequency effects. Specially selected bipolar transistor, which is to improve field-effect of the amplifier when Tuiruan dynamic, the intensity of the shortage of low-frequency defect has a positive meaning. At the same time, to avoid speaker of the former anti-emf-level impact of negative feedback from promoting class. BG6 ~ BG13 for high-power amplifier of the field effect, the signal for no negative feedback current amplification. It should be noted that because of the MOSFET its own characteristics, make no negative feedback to enlarge, they should use multiple parallel, this will reduce the output internal resistance, but also linear expansion. At the same time a large current working conditions, is expected to further enhance the speaker's control. This way with the exception of direct costs increased, the musical taste than the current level to promote more popular choice of the MOSFET, and the amplifier of a bipolar transistor of a better way. 

Shuangqiaoshan part of a power-rectifier, the voltage used to enlarge part of the series the inertia regulator power supply, the protection of the speakers selected UPC1237 Manifold. 
In addition to the power of resistance of the source output resistance optional Nissan 5 W white porcelain no sense of resistance, while the rest are selected domestic 1 / 2 W Red artillery resistance; main power filter capacitance optional audio for Matsushita and Philips tonic capacitance, several brands Work with, individuality can be integrated; filtering decoupling capacitance optional ELNA (Silmic) Supplements; transistor models shown in the figure. W1-to-zero potential; W2 used to promote the adjustment, power amplifier of the current work. Debug circuit should be repeated several times, to be stable after W1, W2 replaced by a fixed resistor. In addition, the amplifier of the absorber resistance to the numerical size of the impact of high frequency to a certain extent, the election should be made smaller, and in the gate and drain a parallel between the mica absorber capacitance. Then drain and the amp in between the high-frequency stability of the capacitor has a role, as far as possible choice of high quality polypropylene capacitors. 
Two power transformers per channel, respectively the former class and after class.


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